Monday Chic: Greecian

A break from what can be an all consuming hobby has been much needed, if only to focus on work that pays the bills, read a few good books and watch TV marathons with my husband.  Over the past few weeks though, I’ve had a few blogging revelations.  They may not be ground breaking, but then again….

  1. Twitter=great. I really missed Twitter.  The ins, the outs, the giveaways, the feeling of staying on the fresh side of fashion.
  2. Wearing what you love is true style.  Wearing clothes to fulfill your own personal style is much more rewarding than wearing clothes to simply style a photo-op.
  3. Thrifiting is key to building a wardrobe.  While I sometimes bemoan the fact that I really don’t buy new clothes (seriously, this is hardly an ever thing), I rediscovered my love for thrifting as it satisfied my love of buying clothes, hunting down a seriously unique item and not paying a fortune for it.  There is really something great about receiving a compliment and then saying, “Oh I got it at a thrift store.”  PS.  Let’s be honest here – it’s thrifted, not vintage.  If you got it at Goodwill, label it thrifted! 
  4. Organization is necessary.  Deleted my upwards 30-40 spam emails per week and now have time to read the ones I get instead of always hitting delete.
  5. Reading is fun. I read blogs I love just to read them and explored those outside of my current reading list.
  6. And last but not least, I realized I missed  blogging. And taking pictures in front of brick walls.

Outfit details

sweater – J. Crew / dress worn as skirt – H&M / wedges – Dolce Vita via TJ Maxx / belt – J. Crew (not seen) / necklace – thrifted.


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