Time for a little R&R…

Not leaving, not quitting blogging, not getting off Facebook (yet), just taking a little media break and focusing on things that are important: my husband, work, and me time.  Because  life is short and the internet can become overwhelming and all-encompassing, keeping up with the Beckhams so to speak.  Just a short hiatus because I love fashion, writing, and styling.  In the interim I’ll be brunching at fancy restaurants, paying my tax bill, buying new sheets, mountain bike riding, and enjoying life as it is.  I know ya’ll will be busying tweeting it up, so make sure to update me!

-Always, S


2 thoughts on “Time for a little R&R…

  1. I’ve just started reading you, but I have to tell you, deleting Facebook has been one of my favorite decisions in the past year. My life is so much simpler, and I have so much more time, and frankly I know who loves me because of it. I miss a few people (whose numbers I forgot to get again before I deleted … I’ll fix that), but otherwise, I love it. Enjoy your tech-free life! And come back when you’re ready :)

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