Shop in Style: Felix and Jayne


Meet Felix and Jayne, a one-of-a-kind Etsy shop offering bags that allow modern women to “be you, carry us.”  With such an adorable tagline, it’s no wonder I fell head over heels with the geometric designs, clutches, totes, and perfect mini make up cases on Cristi’s site.  Take a look around and read below for my top four picks.

1. Geometric Faux Leather Flap Bag, $148.  With the “mini” bag making a comeback this season, this is the perfect alternative to a huge tote and for when you can’t yet go “mini.”  It doubles as a clutch and the colors are perfect for a night out and will transition perfectly into cooler weather.

2. Zipper Vegan Pouch, $34.  Adorbs – what else can I say?  I have been looking for the perfect little bag to stow in my huge totes for make-up and as much as I love Target, they haven’t made anything this cute, durable, or unique.

3. Chevron Striped Envelop Clutch Bag, $92.  To cute and perfect for spring!  Jump in on the chevron trend and grab up this clutch and be ready to take it everywhere (as long as you are indeed a clutch girl and not a tote girl, see below).  Either way, this is one that you will love.

4. Geometric Tote Bag, $121.  One of my favorite pieces on the site as I am a die hard lover of totes.  I use them for ev.ery.thing. From work, to working out, to church, to the mall – totes and huge carry all bags are my babies.  I am often teased by nearly everyone for bringing “luggage” around with me everywhere.  This tote is perfect as it is not so big to be mistaken for luggage, but still big enough for my daily essentials and the pattern is gorgeous, making it another tote to add to the rotation.

As much as I want to be the girl who carries around a “mini” bag – I think this post has convinced me and everyone else my totes are going no where.  What’s your take on bags and which ones from Felix and Jayne would you get?

All images courtesy of Felix and Jayne


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