Shop in Style: Okapiknits

Do you ever find a piece of jewelry or item of clothing and think, “I have to have that?”  Well I do, which would explain my penchant for thrift store shopping (gotta get the goods on the cheap), sales, and obsessively watching things on eBay.  This of course goes for Etsy shops and today’s find is Okapiknits – a lovely store with amazingly textured pieces that range from dresses, tops, necklaces, socks, gloves, and even little dolls.  Be sure to check it out and I can guarantee you will be “having to have that” with at least one piece.

1. Body Harness – I will be the first to boldly state that I do not like body chains.  Long thin metal like necklaces wrapped around your body sound less like jewelry and more like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo.  Not my thing.  But this lovely knitted cream harness is more deliberate and looks downright elegant paired with the black top.  Can you imagine this with a black turtle neck and long black maxi skirt in winter?  Or try it with with a coral tank and floral wedges for a funky summer look.
2. Grey Spiderweb Dress – Need a dress to stand out in the crowd?  Try this one on for size. Pair with dangling silver earrings, ankle boots, or a belt and you instantly have three different looks grounded in one very uniquely designed dress.

 3. Grey High Collared Dress – Lovely, delicate, dramatic, and edgy all describe this dress.   I would love this with over the knee black boots and smokey make up for a date night or dressed down with riding boots for running errands all day.  All you need to accessorize would be tights and studs because the dress speaks for itself.

4. Knitted Necklace – This was the piece that had me thinking “I have to have.”  On a subject I never get bored of – I am a sucker for BIG jewelry.  The bigger the better and this piece is on trend with hints of mint.  Try it out and I bet you will wear it with everything.
Are you a fan of these inspired and intricate pieces?  Have you checked out the other offerings like the dainty knitted necklaces, sketches, and leg warmers?  Tweet me at @chicstripes with your favorites!

Images courtesy of Okapiknits


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