Shop in Style: Archetype Z Studio

Alia over at Archetype Z Studio has kindly offered all readers free shipping for the month of March! 
 If this doesn’t spur you on to order some fresh new accessories, I’m not sure what will.
Use code: FREESHIPMARCH (free shipping, domestic only)
I have never been one to wear dainty jewelry.  I much prefer chunky pieces that threaten to overwhelm my 5’2 frame.  In the same way that I love large pieces, I also love striking and geometric pieces, so these from Etsy store Archetype Z Studio were love at first sight.
1.  White cuff: $32.  White is going to be a go-to color for spring whether you are pairing it with pastels or using it as an accent to the bolder colors.  Either way, this structural cuff will add interest to every outfit.  Try stacking two or one on each wrist for maximum white out.
2. Love ring: $29.I don’t think my husband reads my blog often, but if he’s tuned in today, this ring would make the perfect gift.  It is so adorable with the little cut out hearts and wide band.  I love this design so much I’m considering asking them to make it in cuff version.
3. Black triangulated cuff: $30. This is the dramatic version of the white cuff — black, twisted, and pointy.  It would add just the right amount of toughness to a sweet little dress or to a LBD cocktail event that you would easily be the talk of the accessory game.
Which piece is your favorite?  Any other designers that you love who specialize in architectural pieces?  Do share!
All images courtesy of Archetype Z Studio
Pssst.  There are some very unique shops coming up for the month of March in Shop in Style so be sure to check back every Tuesday!

2 thoughts on “Shop in Style: Archetype Z Studio

  1. Thanks for the great feature! Here’s a coupon code for any visitors who are interested in any of the featured items, or anything else in my shop, just for the month of March:
    (free shipping, domestic only).


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