Monday Chic: Flowered

Quick double take – these flowered pants are the fashion equivalent to camo.  As soon as I saw them hanging on the racks I knew they had to go home with me.  My husband eyed at them doubtfully, asking if I would actually wear them (I tend to buy “cool/ugly/trendy” things that never actually get worn) and I swore up and down that yes, yes I would.  This was my test run and I actually like them.  Despite my love of neutrals and not rocking the boat too much, the muted shades of green are just soft enough to pass off as neutral but with just enough pattern for those around to, you guessed it, do a double take.

They are the perfect cropped pant, not to tight, not to loose and would pair as equally wonderful with stripes, florals, or maybe even some plaid if you’re feeling daring.  I will admit though, the plaid/flower combo will most likely be left up to others out there and I’ll stick with my greens as neutrals and stripes.  What is your favorite way to mix prints?

Outfit details: top – American Apparel / pants – J. Crew via Plato’s Closet / heels – Target / earrings – Unearthed via Etsy


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