Midweek Chic: Blown Away

Everything was against taking photos on this day…working until late, no Andrew to take the photos, insane wind, and no tripod.  But adverse or strange settings have never really stopped me from taking or being in a photo.  My best friend and I have done everything from wearing a wedding dress down by a muddy canal in the middle of DC, walking around parking garages in a white bobbed wig, and donned bathing suits in the middle of January for that perfect photo.  Her photographer’s spirit has rubbed off and that often leaves me standing alone in the middle of parking lots with nothing but my car hood, Nikon, and something to prop up my camera.


My husband and I have been working on a mini project together so we scheduled a date tonight to S@ample in Richmond, a tech bar where you can rent iPads while you eat.  It had a very cool uptown vibe and seemed to take us out of hipster RVA for a few hours.  Since it was a working dinner and we were still in Richmond, I wanted a slightly disheveled, comfortable, warm, and layered look. I have been loving layering everything over black turtlenecks as it allows for a classic shape to look a little more unique.  As for the neutral color scheme, everything got included from black, brown and cream.  What do you wear when you want to combine a night out, work and comfort?

Outfit details: turtle neck – H&M / sweater – thrifted / wide legged trousers – Banana Republic / heels – Target / tights – Target / bag – Sabina via Need Supply Co. / necklace – vintage ivory from my grandmother

Photographer: Nikon L120, D&B bag, and my car hood

Location: Far West End


2 thoughts on “Midweek Chic: Blown Away

  1. I wouldn’t be where I am today without you! All those years of taking photos in the middle of streets, beaches, and other crowded areas has got me totally comfortable!

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