Shop in Style: My Lola Fashion

 Independent fashion designer?  Check.  A strong woman designer who knows what she loves?  Check.  Beautiful fabrics, great cuts, and above all else, comfort?  Triple check!  As you know by now, I go crazy for designers that no one else has heard of or small boutiques that the whole nation can’t access.  While my Shop in Style series may defeat this purpose, the designers I’ve found and highlighted are just too good NOT to share.  Meet Tali, a fashion designer from Israel who creates amazing items that you need in your wardrobe.  Below is just a sampling from her Etsy store.

1.  Grey vest, $49.  A super casual and comfy way to style an outfit for errand running or just lounging around the house.  I love anything that is a basic clothing item that makes laborious tasks seem that much chic-er.

2. Cowl blouse, $59. Beautiful navy color, this can be styled and layered in so many ways.  Perfect for the office or easily dressed up for a brunch.

3. Little Black Dress, $89. Even after my time as a hostess who’s work uniform consisted of black heels and a black cocktail dress, I never get tired of finding new LBDs.  They are incredibly versatile and can be appropriate for any occasion.  The sheer detail at the bodice of this dress that won me over.

4. Leopard blouse, $59. Easily my favorite piece by Tali, and I don’t even like animal print clothes!  I thrifted a leopard black and white top and gave it away the next week as I just couldn’t get the look right.  This blouse, however, is such a beautiful muted print that even someone like myself could wear this every day of the week.  Think of it with: a pencil skirt and blazer, wide legged light jeans, fushia cropped pants, and every other style in between.

Be sure to check out the rest of her designs at My Lola Fashion and follow Tali on twitter @mylolafashion and on Facebook and pssst check out her brand new site: My Lola Studio!

Images courtesy of My Lola Fashion


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