Monday Chic: Wu Me

I can’t live out three things: good heels, a great blazer, a unique bag, and a fun t-shirt (ok, so 4 things).  I should preface this by saying that I am not a t-shirt girl, just like I am not a girly girl,but there are times when you really just wanna throw on a cotton T and go.  For those days, I keep a handy array of printed t’s stocked in my closet.  When the Jason Wu for Target collab hit stores last week, I knew I wanted the kitty t-shirt; if for nothing other than its super adorableness.  Turns out, it’s quite soft with the perfect baggy T fit.  Keep reading for my other Jason Wu pick-ups!

I initially tried on about 3 items as those were the only ones left hanging on the racks by the time I arrived at 8:10 AM.  After the first dressing room rush cleared out though, I was able to pick up a few more items in my size.  I was drawn to the blue and red striped T and T-shirt dress, but just wasn’t loving the fit as the dress was fairly large and way to long.  Of the three items I came away with,  I am loving the T and the bag.  My satchell’s Cost Per Wear is down to about $10 and I’ve only had it for a week!  Seriously, the classic shape, color blocking, and gold details cannot be beat.  You should not however, that it is a little hard to get items in and out due to the metallic clasps, and make sure you set the bag down before opening or else the insides will all come tumbling out.   I’m still undecided on the dress.  The colors and cut are very unique, but I haven’t had a chance to style it up yet.  Did you manage to snag anything?  If so, what?  It seemed the madness was kept to a minimum, although I did stalk a group of three girls as they debated (an agonizing long 10 minutes) over whether or not they wanted the last satchel bag.  Turns out they did and my amazing husband drove me 45 minutes out of the way to get my own version.

Outfit details: t-Jason Wu for Target; jeans, H&M; heels, Aldo; blazer, thrifted; bag, Dooney and Burke thrifted.

Location: West End


4 thoughts on “Monday Chic: Wu Me

  1. You look so cute in the kitty t-shirt! Looks great paired with the blazer. I didn’t see any of these left at the Short Pump Target when I went the afternoon of the release. Bummer. :-)

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. Aw, thanks! I love any t-shirt paired with a blazer. It creates an instantly chic look and you can literally wear it ANYWHERE. They’ve been restocking online a lot, check back there.

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