31 Day Style Challenge

This is it, the last three day recap of my self-imposed style challenge for 2012.  Hands down favorite outfit from this set – Day 29.  I think it’s easy to see why!  Be sure to check out the intro, Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4.

Day 29: My best friend and I live and die by our “Fab or Not” rule which has thus far successfully kept us from buying minor “cute” things and only purchasing things that are truly fab (hence the name of the rule).  This skirt got a “cute” rating via text photos, however at $20 I couldn’t pass it up – it has all the hints of spring: pleats, cream, bold patterns, and a hint of pastel colors.  Paired with boots and a moto jacket (my husband remembers this from when I worn it out on our anniversary, and got engaged! He’s a keeper, I know!) I felt very city-ish or art gallery.  Might even be the favorite outfit of all of January.   Outfit details: dress worn as top, Express via Plato’s Closet; skirt, Forever 21; moto jacket, H&M Divided; boots, Target via Plato’s Closet; clutch, Banana Republic thrifted; earrings, Forever 21.  

Day 30: I confess, the last two days I wasn’t up on my “let’s get outside and take photos in cool locations” mood, but you get the picture (haha, get it?) none the less.  Today was long meetings but I got to wear a new necklace from Forever 21 that was seriously love at first sight.  It reminds me of something an ancient sun goddess would wear and when paired with soft textures and layers, it’s a stand out piece.  Did I mention it was only $12?   Outfit details: sweater, Banana Republic; silk top, Banana Republic via Plato’s Closet; jeans, Banana Republic; boots, Target via Plato’s Closet; necklace, Forever 21.

Day 31:  Old standbys in a silk top, blazer, jeans, and good heels.  I have a knack for remembering clothes, worthless details such as when and where I was when I purchased each item.  Here: silk top – J. Crew at Short Pump, a self purchased anniversary present – on sale.  jeans — GAP at Stoney Point, bought with my then boyfriend (now husband)  for $15.  He said he liked how they made my… rear… appear.  Blazer – Goodwill in Yorktown with my mom and sisters, $7, navy with shoulder pads but fit like a dream.  Heels – Aldo, purchased in DC with my best friend.  Over $100 which is pretty expensive for me, but they are the perfect color, height, shape everything.  Never regretted it.   Outfit details: silk top, J. Crew; blazer, thrifted; jeans, GAP; heels, Aldo.

So, there you have it!  31 days of fashion – some exciting, some kinda boring (nothing beats the YMCA outfit day) and others so-so.  But at the end of the day, it all comes down to putting some thought into what you wear, changing clothes a million times if need be, and walking out of that door happy and confident in your clothes.  And you don’t need expensive ones either – most days I am wearing something that was bought a) on sale, b) at Plato’s closet, c) at the thrift store, or d) was given to me.  All you really need is creativity and a little bit of happiness to let your inner glitter girl shine!

But I do have to know… Do you have stories for your outfit purchases or is this just a me-fashion quirk??  Do share!

Psssst.  Send any of YOUR outfit photos from the month of January my way as I’d love to put together a reader post on each of your own creative styles!  chicstripes@gmail.com  


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