Shop in Style: That Perfect Bag

Ever since I can imagine, I have loved shopping for bags: big ones, small ones, totes, clutches and everything in between.  Now that I am a working woman I see the absolute necessity of having even more bags.  After all, I lug around a laptop, various stacks of research papers, therapy books, and my fair share of snacks and toys and need something chic to stow it all in.  Adeleshop, a recent Etsy love, has the perfect bags for every day of my life.

1. The Work Bag, $175.  This is the bag I am dying for.  It is the perfect combination of simple meets structured and is roomy enough to hold my laptop, books, snacks, and even a few magazines.

2. The Fun Bag, $175.  Ever since my brown tote started wearing out around the handles I have been on the lookout for a replacement.  While this isn’t a tote, it certainly is fun and somehow manages to combine that perfect blend of refinement and bo-ho.

3. The Chic Bag, $145.  For an every day bag that looks like it can stand the test of time and give you a nice pop of color, this one can’t be beat.  It also does double duty with a top handle and a longer strap.  Completely versitile and tailored enough to not resemble a mom bag (or if you are a mom, then this would be a lovely bag for you!).

4. The Tote Bag. $145. Last but not least, a classic style tote in a not so classic color.  This would be my go-to for when my Work Bag needs a break or when I have non work related duties and meetings (since these seem to be piling up lately, in a good way).

Any of these bags caught your fancy?  Did you check out the site and find another style that you love?  What is your all time favorite work tote?  Pelase share because believe me, even when I find one I will still be looking for another!

Images courtesy of Adeleshop


4 thoughts on “Shop in Style: That Perfect Bag

  1. Eeeek I know! I am so in love with all of their bags. I still haven’t found a work bag that is big enough to hold everything and still look chic. Thanks for reading!

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