Styled: The Globes

If you are active in the fashion time lines on Twitter or read any celebrity blog or magazine, by now you know who wore what, who won what, and who wishes they wore something different.  And if you are even somewhat fashion savy, you probably already know who was behind all of the great (and not so great) looks worn by the stars.   But in case you are not, here’s a little “Who’s Who” behind some of the knock out looks of the night:

Claire Danes and Emma Stone are only 2 of the major clients of celeb stylist Petra Flannery.  She was featured in a previous Styled post (read here) and also calls celebs such as Zoe Salanda and Mila Kunis her own.  Petra is known for her ability to take items right off the runway and pair them with the “right” girl for a clean and sopohisticated look.   Claire and Emma were my hands down favorite looks of the Golden Globes and it came as no surprise that they were styled by the same person.

What Golden Globes post would be complete without a photo of Angelina Jolie?  While she appeared very thin and plastic like on the red carpet, there is no denying the power of this red and nude dress.  It is literally a show stopper.  This look’s credit goes to Jen Rade, “Angie’s” stylist for 8 years.  Among her other credits are styling music videos for Pink and Avril Lavigne and styling the commerical for the Jovovich-Hawk Target collab.

I love me some Rooney right now.  Each of her red carpet appearances become more and more lovely while managing to keep the risque factor.  She shines in this Nina Ricci dress, styled by Ryan Hastings.  Ryan is noted as a well respected stylist who works with Twilight ‘s Robert Pattinson and actress Mia Wasikowska.  He seems a perfect fit for Lisbeth’s Mara as he began his work as a fashion editor and slowly grew his celebrity clientel.  Even now, he doesn’t have a website, agent or any other type of publicity going for him (hence the teeny tiny photo below and lack of anything else).  As far as stylists go, he has gained a name for himself as a fashion stylist versus a someone styling merely for an event.  How do you think he did with Rooney for the Golden Globes?

Meryl Streep was a surprise hit for me.  While her dress landed her on numerous worst dressed and what was she thinking lists, I loved it.  The pocket detailing, western styling, and lace details on the collar tell of a laid back elegance that only Ms. Streep could pull off on the red carpet.  Unfortunately, after hours of internet searching and twitter asking I wasn’t able to identify her stylist.  Pictured below is the lovely Alessandra Rich, a British designer with outstanding designs who created the dress.  What did you think of Meryl’s dress?  Best dressed or a little too wild wild west? 

Who was your favorite surprise celebrity stylist?  I am loving Rooney Mara’s look right now and would love to see more from Ryan Hastings, maybe even an interview if we get lucky?  Or at the very least a full size photo!

Images and info courtesy of , Harper’s Bazar, Hollywood Reporter and Fab Sugar


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