Shop in Style: JulyS

JulyS is another unique Etsy shop that sells everything basic in very un-basic ways.  The three girl shop is run by J, M, and Little K who craft everything from wool coats, basic t’s, work wear, and pieces with bad girl styled leather accents.  I first fell in love with this shop when I came across the mustard yellow overcoat – the one wardrobe item I have the hardest time finding.  I could be living in the middle of Minnesota and would still not have a decent winter coat at the rate I am going.   Needless to say, the yellow had me and I quickly devoured and favorited almost everything in their shop.  I’ve featured 6 items here that I would love to work into my wardrobe.

  1. Ethereal Beige Coat, $59.  This coat is a classic styled blazer with just the right amount of umph to make it stand out.  I am loving the blush beige color, baggy side pockets, and exaggerated length. This jacket over a sexy LBD?  To die for!
  2. Jet Black Leather Coat, $98.  Perfection wrapped up in leather, shoulder pads, and faux fur.  If you invest in one leather jacket this winter, make it this one.  The fur is reminiscent of the bomber style jackets that populated the runways last year, think Burberry, and this one is a fraction of the price.
  3. Winter Wrap Coat, $128.  My perfect winter coat.  The bright yellow is sure to cheer anyone up even on the dullest days.  The length is perfect and it just radiates warmth.  Pair it with skinny jeans and tall black boots.
  4. Geometric Greenish Gray Top, $59.  A great twist on the classic laid back t-shirt.  I can easily see this worn loose with wide legged linen pants on a casual day, or styled tucked in with a fitted skirt for a work appropriate outfit.
  5. High Waist Pants, $45.  Even if you have been on a social media fast, you should know by now that high waist pants + neon = great fashion statement.  Every girl needs these pants.  Pair them with a cream top to tone it down, or thrown on a silk purple tank and layer up the sparkles for a full on night out look.
  6. Dress, $59.  A dress so simply perfect it only needs that one word to describe it.  This dress is both an (illusion) one shoulder ruffled dress and a classic cocktail dress.  Wear it casually with boots and a blazer, glam it up with earrings, or pile on the layers with a button down and vest.
Which one of the JulyS pieces do you love?  Have you shopped any great Etsy stores lately?  Do share!

All images courtesy of JulyS’s Etsy shop.  Like her on Facebook here!  


2 thoughts on “Shop in Style: JulyS

  1. That yellow wrap coat is SO cute. I’m kind of obsessed with coats. I probably drive my roommates crazy. ;)

    I found your blog from RVAFashionista! Woohoo! Yay Richmond bloggers! :)

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