31 Day Style Challenge

Photos from my 2011 31 Day Style Challenge

Like most first born, type-A, over zealous persons, I like a challenge.  When I was reviewing my goals for 2012, number Goal # 17 out of 19 (yes, 19) was to be more adventurous with my daily outfits.  I find it super easy to slide into jeans, a casual shirt, chunky necklace and head out the door without even giving my outfit that much thought.  It’s the fashion equation right?  Bottoms + top + statement piece = done.  Now trust me, I am the first person to come home and kick off my heels and tuck away all my accessories, but I wanted to ring in 2012 right.  So I am bringing back the 31 Day Style Challenge that I made myself complete last year after being inspired by several fashion editors and stylists who documented their own daily style for a period of days or weeks.  The same rules apply as last year:  I will be taking daily outfit photos, but posting a week’s worth at a time.  You can look forward to the first week’s worth of outfits this coming Sunday!  Different from last year, however, is reader participatio.!  During the first week of February I will celebrate all of my readers and their fabulous 2012 styles in a dedicated post featuring YOU.  If you need a little style inspiration or want to kick start your wardrobe, now’s your chance.  Send me in any photos that you take over the course of January between now and January 31, 2012.   After all, I wouldn’t even be writing and styling if it weren’t for you lovely readers.  Thanks so much for sticking by me and all of my blog changes and I tweak, re-d0, an constantly evolve the site.   Get your fashion engines started and send those photos in!




Pssst.  You can see my entire month’s worth of outfits here: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4.  Aside from some ensembles I may not repeat, you also get cute little stories of my week, a full tour of the den, and some sad faces.  Have since worked on the smiling photos.

6 thoughts on “31 Day Style Challenge

  1. Thanks! Send me in any outfit photos you take through the end of January so that I can include you! I haven’t heard of her style challenge, I’ll have to look it up. Thanks for the suggestion. :)


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