Dear 2011: An Open Letter

You were the year that I felt I never did enough.  My posts were irregular and scattered.  My photos were poor (iPhone pics, a blogger’s nightmare!), the ideas I started were left by the wayside, emails were left unattended.  As a general year, work was hard: I was overly stressed, and my lovely fashionable clothes got little wear.  But even as I write this, I realize that 2011 wasn’t all bad.  I participated in Project Style and was chosen as a finalist where I met some of the most amazing bloggers and got connected in ways I never thought possible.  I joined the RVA Fashion Bloggers Group and collaborated on photo shoots and styling projects.  I attended events and joined Twitter.  I purchased a new Nikon (good photos, a bloggers dream!).   I started posting outfit photos, refined my vision for my blog.   I got business cards and made new friends.  People I don’t know started reading my blog and friends and family still do.  Looking back, I can see that 2011 gave me my fair share of headaches, but also more than my share of fun, laughter, and accomplishments.  Thanks 2011 for ending up ok.  More importantly, thanks for coming to a close and letting me end this year with sequins, sparkles, and leather.  Always, -S

Moving into 2012, I felt it was only proper to write down my resolutions and goals.  Writing my initial list I came up with 19 goals, which seems a little ambitious.  I’ve paired my goals down to five that are the most meaningful, relevant, and what I want to push myself towards this upcoming year.

  1. Simplify, organize, and schedule.  All too often I take on additional responsibilities or volunteer commitments.  I work too much and leave little time for blogging, my family, or just relaxing.  This year I want to be organized, cut out unnecessary commitments, and learn to love life.
  2. Attend more local events and conferences.  I have had so much fun attending the few events I got to in 2011 and know they are great for networking, meeting people, and most of all giving me an excuse to dress up.
  3. Increase collaborations with other bloggers, photographers, and writers.  This will probably come hand in hand with Resolution 1 as I start to simplify things in my life I will have more time for these collaborations.
  4. Learn more about Photoshop and web design.  I’m still a relative novice with Photoshop and know there is always more to learn.  I want to have my own URL name and the freedom to customize my blog.  (Case in point, see my pictures up there?  Blurry.  Yep.  Can’t figure it out.  Could be the iPhone though… or a lack of Photoshop skills).
  5. Thrift more.  I love thrift, vintage, and retail shopping.  What I really really love is a great deal.  Nothing beats the thrill of scoring a designer good on the cheap.  Which in theory leaves more room in the closet for more designer goods.  Win-win situation.  So this is my resolution, just don’t tell the hubby!

What are your resolutions for 2012?  They can be fashion and blogging related or life in general.  Do share!


2 thoughts on “Dear 2011: An Open Letter

  1. I love this post! Excited to work with you (again) this year! Funny how things work out, project style is what really made me realize that I actually love this stuff and can do it & I’m so glad it had a similar impact for you too! Happy New Year!!

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