Mid Week Chic: Art Works

The Manchester District of Richmond houses back alleys, warehouses, modern loft apartments, and a range of peoples, backgrounds, and incomes.  It’s typically known as one of the more seedy areas in Richmond, but a slow revitalization is happening.  Among the up and coming places is a large art gallery complete with spaces for artists to work, a cafe, and a large show room for shows.  Craft Mafia took place a few weeks ago and while my husband balked at spending the afternoon looking at handmade crafts, he was the one that actually walked away with an early Christmas present (a Ghost Buster coaster for his comic themed bathroom).

As a tom boy turned girly girl, I still have a thing for flat boots and slightly masculine looks.  But I can never turn down an excuse for nail polish and piles of jewel tones with gold accents.

What’s your style profile?  Do you love riding boots?  Can’t get enough of sky high stilettos or do you blend the two?  Do share!

Outfit details: button down, Gap; down vest, thrifted; jeans, H&M; boots, Atrex; bag, Urban Outfitters; necklaces, New York and Co. and thrifted; glasses, Prada.

Location: Manchester District, Richmond

Photographer: Andrew 

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