Mid Week Chic: Night Scapes

My husband and I took ourselves out for dinner and some bubbly the other night in celebration of my new job.  Selba, a recently opened operation in Richmond, caters to the vegan/cool crowd seeking a fancy night out with locally farmed foods and great prices.  We enjoyed an delicious pear hazelnut bread pudding along with a salmon herb dip.  Installed to the side of the restaturant was a small atrium-like area complete with wrought iron tables, chairs, an abudance of plants, and clusters of stained glass lamps hanging over every table.  Definitetly on our must visit again list!

I pulled out my black Friday Goodwill sweater that feels like cashmere and is the perfect balance between slouchy and refined with the high collar.  With my hair in a top knot, bright pink lips and vintage diamonds I headed out in the perfect blend of high/lo, new/thrift that I love.  What is your perfect styling combination?

Outfit details: sweater, thrifted; skirt, Banana Republic; tights, Target; heels, Target; clutch, Mary Kay; earrings, vintage; lipstick, Revlon.

Location: Outside of Selba on Cary Street, Richmond

Photographer: Andrew


4 thoughts on “Mid Week Chic: Night Scapes

  1. Ohh, the outift looks and sounds gorgeous. My favourite combination is definitely a mix of high/low too. Tend to stick with pretty simple outfits – skinny jeans and soft jumpers but then add in some big chunky jewelry into the mix. xx

  2. Yes. This would be the sweater you deemed “ugly” and “just a plan sweater” with, if I recall, a wrinkle of your cute little nose. ;-P I loooove this sweater. I do think you were right to nix the white sheer 40’s pencil skirt…although if I already owned a slip I probably would have gotten that too! Thanks for reading AND subscribing!

  3. Thank you so much! I love doing high/lo. The lo let’s me afford the high! Plus it’s just more fun to combine different pieces. All of my thrifted or vintage finds have stories to tell or they are the ones that live in my closet the longest. Thank you for checking out my blog; welcome to Chic Stripes! :)

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