Sunday Chic: No Exit

Who would have thought a car wash would have such a great vintage looking “Exit” sign tucked near the woods on your way out?  On a perfectly gorgeous Sunday afternoon we washed our car, purchased Christmas presents for our cats (yes we are still in the pre-human baby stage), replaced our bathroom towels with pretty shiny silver ones, and avoided awkward stares from normal car wash customers.


My latest obsession with all things dressing is to pair any and everything with a blazer.  Thus far in the past week, I have worn no less than 4 outfits that I topped with a variety of blazers: navy, black, grey, and burgundy.  The blazer brings a certain instance polish to a look.   I brought along this super cozy cowl made by A Girl Named Leney and am in love with the colors, textures, and feel.  It is incredibly soft and brings a great layer of interest to the outfit.  She makes (yes ladies, hand makes these!  The farthest I ever got in knitting anything was half a scarf) these cowls and other great items over in her Etsy shop, be sure to check it out!

What have been your strangest photo shoot locations?  So far mine have included everything from the back yard, alley ways, restaurants, and my favorite: the car wash.

Outfit details: tie dyed tank, Gap; skirt, Limited thrifted; ankle boots, Vince Camuto; blazer, thrifted; cowl, A Girl Named Leney; earrings, Forever 21.

Location: Far West End, Richmond

Photographer: Andrew

6 thoughts on “Sunday Chic: No Exit

  1. Oh I love Leney and her shop! I love that cowl! I have one similar and I def need to get some more blazers! I only have black! They are so cute! And you are gorgeous!

  2. Thank you Ashley, you are too sweet! I am in LOVE with blazers. My favorite place to find them are thrift stores because you can score a lot for little. :)

  3. Thank you! I love trying to find new places to shoot. It’s much harder in the West End than downtown or in the fan, but it can be done. You just have to be creative, explore, and not afraid to go past the “no trespassing” signs. ;)

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