Mid Week Chic: Glitter Gold

Mid week chic calls for nothing but boots, slouchy sweaters, and little bit of sparkle.  Over the Thanksgiving weekend I scooted out of town to visit my mom, put up the tree, and make our infamous ginger bread (aka graham cracker) houses.  Nothing screams tradition like icing, gobs of candy, and cracker crumbs everywhere.

What do your mid week outfits look like?  I am loving sporty luxe looks at the moment perfect for running errands or lounging while still looking put together.

Outfit details: button down, J. Crew; sweater, thrifted; jeans, Banana Republic; boots, Nine West; scarf, purchased in NYC; bracelets, purchased at the Festival of India; bag, thrifted in Hawaii 

Location: Yorktown, VA

Photographer: Lauren (who wouldn’t take photos unless I smiled and said “bow chicka wow cheese.”)


5 thoughts on “Mid Week Chic: Glitter Gold

  1. Hey Sydney! Love your mid-week outfit!! So cozy & comfortable. Today I’m dressed “appropriately” for work: Gap dress pants, a Banana republic sweater, Blowfish booties and of course a stack of jewels on my wrist.

    So glad you’re joining us for our Sephora Event on Sunday night. We look forward to meeting you & Jessica!

    Mendi & Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

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