Sunday Chic: Brick Skyline

Last Sunday my husband and I drove to the historic Church Hill area in Richmond and took in the view from the top of the hill.  Directly behind this location is home to Richmond Hill – an ecumenical center that offers daily prayer services and social programs to address the growing needs of the inner city.  Looking at this peaceful view, you would never know all that goes on in the city below.  I graduated last year with my Masters in Social Work and while I love shoes and all things shiny, my main passion is to change the world, or at least change Richmond.

Think about your own city – how many areas do you avoid?  Those areas, mostly comprised of project housing and low income families, are rampant with drugs, crime and violence.  While some may willfully choose to get by where they can, just as many are trapped: grandparents raising grandchildren, a single working mom putting herself through school while raising two children, middle school boys crying over lost parents.  My challenge for you this week: do something to make a difference.  Volunteer with an organization to complete community projects, mentor an elementary school student, or just stop and think.  Don’t just ignore what is around you.  Put aside shoes, accessories, and the latest trend for a day and reach out to your local United Way, Big Brothers Big Sisters or the Y and do something to make a lasting difference.

Photographer: Andrew

Location: Church Hill, Richmond

Outfit details: tank, Old Navy; jacket, Old Navy; jeans, H&M; heels, Aldo; necklace, H&M; sunglasses, Prada.


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