Styled: Grace Coddigton

Grace Coddigton

Any “Styled” post would not be complete without the creative force behind Vogue – the great Grace Coddigton.  Coddigton has built a name for herself in the fashion world as both a model and the one behind the models.  As a fashion editor, people often wondering what it is exactly, she does.   What doesn’t she do is more of the question we should be asking.  Her credits include American Vogue, Vogue Japan, Italia Vogue, i-d Magazine, and 10 magazine.  The sheer fact that she has been in the businesses for over 30 years and is still fresh and relevant is what makes her the force to be reckoned with.

The interesting facts:

  1. In the 60s, Coddigton was a British top model in London
  2. She has been with Vogue since 1988 and started the same day as Anna Wintor.
  3. She has a great love of cats – includes owning 4 Chartreux and having a fifties retro cat lamp in her office
  4. She sees the art behind the Fashion – instilling history, personalities, and excitement into each shoot she styles

Her work:

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The inspiration from Ms. Coddigton is the range in her ability to style any look.  While some people have their “trademarked” looks (think Jenna Lyons of J. Crew) Grace Coggigton has the ability to produce and style looks for any market or client while maintaining a Fashion edge with wear-ability and trends.  This is one of the marks of a stylist with staying power.

Images courtesy of Savvy Auntie, NY Mag, and


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