Fashion Cures All

A few Saturdays ago I had the exciting opportunity to cover Cure by Design, a fashion show fundraiser for the American Cancer Society.  Thanks to the wonderful world of Twitter, I answered an ad put out by looking for someone to cover a fashion event the next day.  I got all of the details and jumped at the chance to say yes.  And even though my poor Nikon camera would get subpar photos at best, I knew it would be a great networking experience, not to mention free h’dorvours and cocktails.

All throughout the lobby were tables from local retailers with silent action bids

You can read the whole article at DOWNTOWNSHORTPUMP.COM but here you can read all the juicy behind the scenes details, highlights, info, interviews, and surprise celebrities.

 Meet Ginny.  I was able to go back stage while the models were prepping hours before the event and take photos, talk to the survivors, and just generally have a great time.  Ginny was gracious to tell me her story and journey with cancer when she was diagnosed a little over a year ago.  She is not the only one by far who has a story to tell, but it was her ability to discover her cancer, go through chemotherapy, struggle with what it felt like to be a care-receiver instead of a care-giver and to now be giving back by volunteering as an ambassador with VCU’s Massey Cancer Center to help others who are going through now what she went through a year ago.  Her advice to ALWAYS have your check ups and to never give up was truly an inspiration to me.  Even people in my own family have had cancer, but it wasn’t an openly discussed topic.  This night helped every one of all ages to make cancer an open dialogue.

Shots of the prep room – shoes, clothes rack, assistants, clothes lined up and waiting

Ginny getting her make-up touched up by the volunteer makeup artist

Table goodies, Moleskin notebook, camera, snake-skin clutch

Champagne Toast

The night itself was incredibly fun.  Not only did I meet great cancer survivors, but I was able to meet photographers, fashion industry people, and, surprise of surprises – the Governor of Virginia, his wife, Miss United States, and top male model Brad Kroenig.  Talk about a dizzying (and random) array of celebrities.

And last but not least, my own outfit.  Probably one of my favorite favorite things of the event was getting to dress up, put together a stylish outfit, and rock some great heels.  My appologies for the iPhone photos but my regular photographer was otherwise engaged (love you working husband!).

Outfit details: purple dress, Alexander Wang via Plato’s Closet; layered green dress, H&M; heels, Aldo; layered necklaces, New York and Company and thrifted. Hair/Makeup-myself

So that is my night in a recap – full of fun, free food, socializing, raising money, and the great testimonies of people of all ages who are in various points of one of the hardest journeys of their lives.  And that is worth getting dressed up for any day.

Images courtesy of Brandon Photos and myself


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