A Tribute

I don’t usually get too sentimental or personal on this blog.  It is after all, about styling, clothes, jewelry and all of the superficial items that make life fun.  But a year ago today, my dad passed away from septic shock.  It was sudden, unexpected, and impacted me in a way that I had never thought possible.

I have thought about my dad every day since October 6, 2010.  Some days are easier than others.  The things that make me laugh also make me cry.  It made me realize to never take a day for granted, to cherish the small silly moments, and to celebrate life successes.  Family is the most important thing anyone will ever have.

 I hope there are rocks, minerals, and sea shells in heaven so that you can fossil hunt forever. I hope there are gun shows and crab feasts.  I know you are free from pain.  I hope there is a myriad of ethnic food and people for you to talk to since you were so good at making friends with complete strangers.  I hope you have a never-ending supply of Hawaiian shirts.

I love you dad.

Photo: My dad and me at the Festival of India, Richmond, Va. September 26, 2010.


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