Shop in Style: Scarf If Up

Ultimate style icon, fearless pattern mixer, and lover of vintage clothing, B. Jones Style is my go to inspiration for classy dressing.  She is also the inspiration behind this week’s Shop in Style post for her amazing scarf styling abilities with prints, color, and classic femininity.  I love a good scarf and have a growing collection of knit scarves, chunky scarves, and the always confusing summer scarf.  What I am slowly growing to love are those perfect square or rectangle scarves you can snap up by the dozens at thrift stores.  Not only are they vintage and therefore immediately chic, but you can purchase quality silk scarves for mere dollars.  While I can’t feature thrifted scarves for purchase, taking all the fun out of thrifting, I have posted my favorite silk scarves at all price points.  Which are your favorites?

  1. Emilio Pucci – Can I just say I am in love with this scarf?  Something about the colors, the 70s mod look, and the always classy square piece of silk had me at hello.  Now to just find a Forever21 version that is over 90% cheaper.
  2. Echo – This classic riding scarf comes in some of the hottest colors for fall – olive and chartreuse.  Throw in the riding stir-ups and flecks of gold and you are set for autumns of sipping Starbucks.
  3. DVF – coming in a variety of colors and patterns, this is one investment scarf that will never go out of style.  It may be a little pricey for a splurge purchase, but stick it on your Christmas list and you can bet that is one gift you won’t be returning.  I am also loving the blue and yellow mod scarf design.
  4. Forever21 – Now a scarf for the every day girl – clocking in at a mere $6.80, one could easily purchase 5 of these scarves and be set for fall, winter, spring, summer, and right around back to fall.  The great thing about the Forever21 scarves is their obviously affordable price point, but the designs are reminiscent of higher end versions.  This scarf, for example, reminds me exactly of the Echo riding scarf: same pattern, design, and concept, but this one is over $100 cheaper.
  5. InetSilkScarves – lastly, I chose a scarf from Inet Silk Scarves.  I could hardly have B. Jones modeling these scarves as my inspiration and not even take the time to see if I liked them!  Of course I immediately fell in love with this slightly ostentatious crab scarf.  Maybe because I grew up on the water, eating bushels of crabs every summer, but this just scarf is fully of whimsy and the colors perfect for adding in pops of brights in a fall outfit.
What is your favorite type of scarf and how do you style it?  Do you love the knit circle scarves or are you more of a flowing, boho scarf girl?  I am currently loving the silk scarf over a dress or shirt and belted at the waist for an updated classic look.
Images courtesy of respective sights

3 thoughts on “Shop in Style: Scarf If Up

  1. I love all kinds of scarves. I have a big hatbox full of them and others hanging in my closet just waiting for the cooler temps headed our way. Looking forward to layering scarves with my jackets and sweaters!

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