Sunday Chic: Menswear

I’ve had a love/hate relationship with this shirt for quite some time now.  This is another great button down bought for work, but somehow it never made it to the office.  It’s not quite fitted enough to appear business casual but it’s not quite big enough to pass as a dress either.  I finally found use for the oversized shirt in this post and this is my take on the lovely striped one.

My husband and my two year wedding anniversary was last week and per tradition, I always wear one thing from my wedding outfit.  Last year it was the heels and classic peacock feather I had made for myself and my girls.  This year it was a smaller version of the peacock feather that the lovely lady from Etsy sent me in addition to the others I ordered.  Perfect way to cap off an otherwise “taken from the guys” ensemble.

How you do style your menswear?  I find that I always need to balance a men’s item with something decidedly more feminine – a belt to show off my waist, curly hair, or dangly earrings.  Done this way, it is effortlessly chic and decidedly girly!

Outfit details: button down, J. Crew; tank, H&M; wide leg trousers, Banana Republic; belt, J. Crew; booties, Forever 21; earrings, thrifted; peacock feather, Etsy; clutch, purchased at the Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market in NYC.

Photography: Andrew

Location: Downtown Richmond 

4 thoughts on “Sunday Chic: Menswear

  1. The peacock feather is a great addition to your “messy” knot. So pretty. I like what you did with the button down too.
    Thanks for adding me to your blogroll!

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