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As a type-A perfectionist, I am always looking for things I can refine, tweak, or completely change up whether it is organizing my closet, renaming the files on my computer, or rearranging the fridge (it’s a type-A thing, trust me).  Of course this means that chicstripes is always evolving as well (and I hope in a good way!) so you may have noticed my newest link section – Fashion Locals.  I am a volunteer coordinator for Shop RVA (a coalition designed to raise awareness for local shopping) so it seemed natural to highlight my favorite Richmond bloggers, boutiques, and magzines.  This is just a small selection of what Richmond has to offer on the fashion scene, but each one is hand selected, a place I personally shop, magazine I love to pursue, or a blogger I read daily.   They all show the great diversity and beauty that makes up our lovely city, so please check them out (a click on each image will take you straight to their sites) and show a little local love!

If you are a local RVAer, what are you favorite shops, who are your favorite bloggers, and what are you doing to encourage and support local business?  Do share!



*POST EDIT-If you are a local Richmond blogger, join the RVAFB (Richmond Fashion Bloggers) group on wordpress and via google.  It will be the go to place for collaborations, knowing about local events, bi-monthly meetings and more!  Super excited about this!*


Images courtesy of each respective site


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