Shop in Style: Fall Round Up

Running around for Project Style (post to come, promise) I found a ton of must have items for fall.  Here is the short list of what you need to buy now:

  1. Leather and knit skirt.  This particular one is from J. Crew and at $345, not likely to find its way into my closet anytime soon.  But it is GORGE and a must have for fall.  Ann Taylor is reportedly coming out with their “cheaper” version of leather goodies which may be something worth checking out.  In the meantime you can easily thrift a midi leather skirt as they can be found by the dozens.
  2. Colorful pants.  Cave already and buy a pair won’t you?  While you’re at it, just get 3 pairs, all in a rainbow of colors.  Go for bright red and rock it like Larissa who won Project Style in her pair, or set a softer, yet no less striking look in these pink/purple beauties.  I myself will be hitting up H&M to snap up the beautiful mustard color pair they have in the windows.
  3. Art Deco.  While I’m at H&M I will be cleaning out their accessories.  for fall, every piece is TDF.  I based my own Project Style outfit around a coral and gold piece but I fell just as hard for the cuffs, structured necklaces, and bold rings.
  4. Unstructured blazer.  Maybe I just havne’t been in too many stores lately, but H&M has got my vote for everything I need.  Loving this unstructured take on the usually prim and proper blazer.  It would look great over dresses, thrown over jeans, or as a unique take to work wear.
  5. Statement coats.  Aren’t coats always the way to make a statement come winter?  This one is no exception.  Embracing my inner girl comes easy with this ruffled pea coat by DKNY.
  6. Riding boots.  I. Love. Flat. Boots.  Yes, I said it.  Do not give me a boot with a heel.  Give me a boot that is flat and that looks like this.  There are definitively more expensive boots in this similar shape and color scheme around, but these from Aldo can’t be beat.  I am a sucker for anything black and brown and these will be my go to for almost every outfit.
What are some of the looks you can’t wait to purchase for fall/winter?  I’m so ready for gingerbread lattes at Starbucks, a (gas) fire in my fireplace, and lots of great magazines and books to curl up with.
Images courtesy of J. Crew, Aldo, H&M, and Nordstrom

3 thoughts on “Shop in Style: Fall Round Up

  1. I love the colorful pants. I have owned a red pair for about 10 years from the Limited which still look new. I am hunting cobalt pants now. Leather skirt? Yes, please! And BOOTS> I love boots. They are one of my favorite things for Fall besides the fire in the fireplace and cozy Starbucks drinks!

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