Sunday Chic: Ever Studious

In college I was always the one to spend Saturday’s tucked away in the corner of the library: studying, writing papers, downing coffee, and the occasional checking of facebook.  I loved those days and while I have traded in text books for the working world, I still consider my stack of mags and a cup of coffee to be good studying material.  Only now I have the added distraction of my baby, Palma, who hasn’t figured out how to pose for pictures properly.

My husband got her for me as a surprise after a recent trip to NYC.  While there, we took the Greenwhich Village Food Tour and aside from the most amazing olive oil, pizza, and rissotto I’ve ever had, we learned some interesting history of the area, people, and the many restaurants.  We saw three story building that used to house horses – they were pulled up to the third story by a winch!  We also saw the charming catering business/restaurant – Palma (and my baby’s namesake).  The owners are imensly popular and have catered events for everything from Rolling Stones concerts to Fashion Week.  So how could I NOT name my sweetie after such a great place?

But back to my studious endeavors…this weekend will be spent tucked away safely from Hurricane Irene with this stack of books and magazines.  I plan on giving some major thought to my outfit for Project Style as well as combing through my current wardrobe and identify things that can go (the cut off to there denim shorts anyone?) and the things that must stay as well as what I need to round out my closet.   For fall I am loving anything silky and girly paired with cotton basics.  I’m also attempting to mix prints more and more – right now loving this ikat orange silk skirt with my striped mini-dress worn as a top.  I’ve found that the trick to pulling off patterns lies in combining opposite textures with similar shades.  You never want to do blue on blue (I found this out earlier when trying on this same ikat skirt in blue with the striped top – eek), but a yellow printed top with maroon printed bottoms is sure to make a statement.  Up next for me is polka dots and midi skirts!  What fall trends are you looking to try?  How are you spending your hurricane weekend? Tweet me or comment and I’ll post my faves (power pending of course!).

Outfit details: top, American Apparel mini dress worn as shirt; skirt, Banana Republic; bracelet, Subversive for Target; glasses, my father’s  old pair.

Photography: Andrew

Location: West End, Richmond

3 thoughts on “Sunday Chic: Ever Studious

  1. Thank you so much and welcome to Richmond! Come out to Short Pump this Thursday for the Fashion’s Night Out event! VCU fashion students are doing a show and myself and another Richmond blogger are in the Style Off!

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