Events: Lillian Vazquez

The one aspect of fashion that truly attracts me is the concept of stylists and styling.  You can have the most beautiful clothes in the world, the most expensive shoes, a vast vintage collection, or every trendy piece from Forever21 but all of those individual pieces only amount to tops and jewels unless you have a good eye and can combine those pieces into something unique.  A few weeks ago I was able to attend the grand opening of Apricot Lane (read that interview here), a franchise boutique selling one of a kind clothes from L.A., as well as interview their brand ambassador and guest celebrity stylist Lillian Vazquez.

I immediately fell in love with Lillian for a million reasons:

  1. She had a spot on outfit that completely fitted her body type and personality.  She wore her clothes, not the other way around!
  2. 5″0, pettite.  Just like me.  ‘Nough said.
  3. She sported an amazing men’s style silver watch that only seemed to add femininity to her outfit.
  4. She runs her own style blog – The CheapChicas Guide to Style – which focuses on affordable style and trends.  Not only that, she recently started a personal style blog, Lillian Loves, where she documents her affordable finds that she herself loves and buys!
  5. She let me ask her my blogger questions and was incredibly nice and sweet
  6. She spent a good ten minutes giving industry tips to my friend Carrie about the ins-and-outs of the entertainment business and pointers on how to break in.  A completely non-fashion related conversation, but she had no hesitations on filling her in!

Lillian had personally picked out numerous items from the store ranging from silk tops, lace shorts, slap it watches (remember slap it bracelets??), and blazers.  She was on hand to give styling advice to the shoppers and shared her own take on personal style.  Read on for her interview with me!

S: Can you explain a little as to how you got into this whole word of fashion and styling?

L: I was a business major in undergrad.  I worked at W as an assistant to the fashion director.  To me, W magazine was one of the best magazines out there at the time.  They had the best stylists and the best covers of any magazine.    I was paid next to nothing, but I begged for the position!

S: What are some examples of your work?

L: I’ve had the great privilege of working at W, but since I’ve also worked with brands like H&M and JCPenny and TJMaxx – so price is not an issue when it comes to styling for me.  I worked for NYC-TV where I got to cover Fashion Week and a lot of street style.  Now I focus mainly on TV and am featured regularly on the Nate Burkus show, New York Live, and do a lot of travel to different morning and talk shows where I focus on affordable budget friendly styles.

S: What is your opinion of personal style?

L: I think it is very important to have your own voice.  One of the reasons I started CheapChicas was to have a stronger voice.  This is a very competitive field and you have to be ready for that, you can’t piggy back off someone else.  You need to have an opinion and be your own brand.  I focus a lot of affordable fashion.  Because of that, I typically wear what I find and promote through my work.  I may love a $2,000 dress and that may be fine for some occasions, but that doesn’t fit in with my own personal budget or lifestyle.  It’s important to be true to who you are and your brand.

S: What is your own personal style?

L: My personal style changes all the time!  It is a reflection of my mood. People evolve and are always changing so it makes sense that style changes.  As you age, your style should age with you.  I find and wear things that fit my body type and my lifestyle.

I loved getting a fashion insider’s view of the business which often includes 11pm dinners, 5am wake up calls, fittings, tailors, and late nights at department stores pulling looks.  Not always fun and games or as glamorous as many people believe, the life of a stylist is incredibly hard work!  Thanks to Lillian for an amazing and fun interview!

Images courtesy of Apricot Lane Newport News

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