Shop in Style: Mr. Karl and the Queens of Boho

Stop, collaborate and…wear.  Sound familiar?  It should because nearly every big name and indie designer from Lanvin, Zac Posen, Jimmy Choo, and Vera Wang have all branched out to your local Target, H&M, or Kohls bringing their luxe looks with (fairly) affordable styles.  What would fall bring with it but two much heralded collaboration lines – Karl Lagerfeld of Chanel and Fendi with Macy’s and a bright and colorful partnership between Missoni and Target.  Never having honestly been a huge fan of the Missoni stripes and slightly wondering about the Karl/Macy’s match up, I am actually getting excited for these two collaborations.  They each seem to have some wonderfully made investment pieces with the true designer’s spirit all without breaking my budget.  Here are a few of the items I’ll be in line for.

See Karl’s complete line up here

See Missoni’s adds here

Which items are your favorites?  Anyone else dying for the color blocked KL dress or t with his likeness spelled out of his name?  What about the Missoni home goods?  They will definitely add punch to any and every room and I plan on stocking up!

Images courtesy of The Cut and StyleCaster.


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