Project Style: Today is the Day

Good morning early birds.  Yes 9:17 on a Saturday morning is indeed early.  I often wish for the days where I could sleep in, laze around, and drink coffee all morning but alas, this is the world of the working girl/blogger/wife/etc/etc.

BUT today’s the day!  Today is the last day you can  vote for yours truly in Project Style!  This has seriously been one of the most fun and competitive competitions I’ve had the priviledge of being in thus far.  I was chosen as a semi-finalist last year and while I did have a great outfit, there were definitetly things I wanted to change this go around!  I think I have done that very successfully as you have seen over the past two weeks where I laid out my inspirations, how-to’s, and finished look.

Please head over to Project Style Short Pump Mall and support me by voting!

Pssst.  I apologize for the mising links and pictures!  My computer also thinks it’s too early and is thus refusing to work.


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