Behind the Scenes: Final Product

Over the last two weeks I’ve taken you step by step through how I chose my outfit for Project Style.  From the look books and inspirations, to the shopping, to the putting the outfit together, you’ve gotten to see my exact how-to of styling.  But all of that would be no good if there wasn’t a finished product!  Today’s last and final Behind the Scenes post showcases some outtake photos, the creativity behind the video, and of course the final outfit.

First and foremost a huge shoutout goes to Leo Burke, the city of Richmond, and the support of the VCU kids in general.  No where else would I have been able to find a huge blank canvas, cover it with chalk, and have people think it’s the coolest thing ever and not get in trouble (seriously).  The idea to chalk a wall with the details of my outfit stemmed from wanting to have a unique video that would be both playful (hence the chalk) and fun, yet fashion forward.  Think J. Crew meets Lanvin Kids.

Lauren was charged with chalking the words and prices while Hannah was given artistic license to add the embellishments – flowers, hearts, swirls, you name it.  We set up the scene for the film by walking the blank wall and marking off where I would stop in order to show off each piece of the outfit.  Lauren would chalk the item and price, Hannah would come behind with details, and I would experiment on fun ways to walk (let’s just saw twirling and running were Xed pretty quickly).

Obviously this was a super fun video to shoot!  I had a blast being super cheery, prancing about, and directing people on what to do.  I have my sisters to thank for providing me fresh insight, constructive criticism (by that I mean laughing directly at me), getting rid of the embarrasing shots, and suffering in the 100 degree heat.

As with any shoot, whether you are simply taking outfit photos or are on set for a more substantial shoot, there are always plenty of shots that don’t quite make the final cut but are still fun to share.  The outfit photos were taken across the street at another building.   Once the shots were completed we headed home to download the images, put together the video and pick a song.  You can go here to see the finished video and VOTE for me!

Photography: Lauren


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