Styled: Tabitha Simmons

Stylist: Tabitha Simmons 

“Styled” is a new and soon to be regular feature on Chicstripes.  Similar to my Model Fave series, it will feature a great stylist, background history, interesting details, and a sampling of their work.

The lady featured above is a jack (or rather jill) of all trades.  She has styled catwalk shows, collaborated with fashion’s greatest like Alexander McQueen, counts V and Dazed and Confused on her resume and now holds the title of fashion editor at Vogue.  Aside from all of that, she designs her own shoe line, is married with two children, and still manages a great street style all her own.

The interesting details:

  1. Fashion editor at U.S. Vogue
  2. Is a former model, married to a photographer, and designs shoes
  3. Fave books: Sookie Stackhouse novels (the books behind True Blood)
  4. Born in England where she studied film prior to starting a career in fashion
Tabitha caught my attention when I finally got around to renewing my subscription to Vogue and turned to this editorial:
Stylist: Tabitha Simmons
Photographer: Norman Jean Roy
Magazine: U.S. Vogue, August 2011 
I absolutely fell for the muted shades, baroque feel, and multiple textures she used on model Lily Aldridge.  The bold teal color and mix of dots and stripes is perfection on Claire Courtin-Clarins.  The tousled velvet rocker chic look for Ruby Aldrige is divine.  The stylist in me just thinks, love love love.  But in dissecting a look, what really makes it stand out from a fashion perspective?  Each look is deceptively simple, but the trick is that they are actually each a well crafted layered look.  On Lily, she has sequined patterned pants, a soft cream detailed jacket, a totally differently designed clutch, but in matching shades.  While the individual pieces can stand on their own, together they create the whole.  But what really stands out for me is how each  model is able to really capture the look that Tabitha has created.  The secret to a great stylist is to be able to embody your client’s mood and personality through the clothes you pick for them.  Tabitha has years of experience and can do this to a T.  What do you think of the editorial? Which of her works inspires you?  Any stylists you would like to see featured here?  Do share!
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