Behind the Scenes: Putting it Together

If you have been following this blog for even 2 weeks now, you know that am a semi-finalist in Project Style Round 4.  You will also know by now the final outfit that I chose and how I styled it.  But what you may not know are all the hours, tear sheets, and calories I burned traipsing through the mall taking photos, finding inspiration, and eventually purchasing my look.  But the fun didn’t stop there.  Even once I had all of the pieces, putting the outfit together in a way that represented me still took a little work.  Here are some outtakes (courtesy of iPhone) that show a few of my styling options….

Fun no?  I personally love the turban outfit.  Obviously there are a ton of different ways to style and accessorize this outfit which is exactly what I love.  No two women would finish it off in the exact same way.  In fact, my best friend actually loves the outfit more with the orange bracelet than the J. Crew necklace.  But she loves the basics and could see herself wearing the pants, shoes and top.  If you had the three item basics, how would you have styled it?  I would love to know!  Do share either via comment, email, or twitter.  Send pictures/comments and I’ll post/tweet my favorites!



Pssssst.  While we’re on the subject… there are only 3 days left to vote!!!  Head here if you think I have the chicest outfit!  LIKE it on fb and RT on twitter!


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