Shop in Style

We all have them: those little boutiques filled with silk tops, ethereal dresses, and the best jewelry.  Richmond just happens to be full of them, from higher end boutiques (think Weardrobe and Shops at 5807)  selling equally cute (but usually overpriced) items, to Pink, selling legit Marc Jacobs (but still ekkk worthy re: prices) to the cute Clementine selling great condition second-hand items that range from J. Crew to Dries van Noten.  One of my favorite little boutiques, though, has to be fab’rik.  Fab’rik is one of the unique franchise stores that seem to be popping up everywhere offering a selective inventory of constantly rotating hot items usually priced under $100.  Here are exactly, or rather 7, reasons why I’m loving fab’rik:

  1. Coral Open Back Dress, $88.  Love love love the orange color.  This is the perfect summer color right now and whether you want an all out orange dress or choose to pick your color pops in small doses, use this color!  I love this dress because it is simple enough to make a statement with the color, but it also makes a daring statement with the open back design.  You could easily wear this out to brunch, for a date, or even running errands when dressed down with the season’s new in shoe – the brogue.
  2. HOPE for Haiti bracelets, $22.  What better way to make a fashion statement than by helping out those in need?  I love the FEED bags by Laura Bush and these are yet another way you can infuse your wardrobe with unique earthy tones and still feel good about your purchases.
  3. Lace Tulle Top, $45.  Perfectly on trend and the best piece to take from summer when paired with classic brown shorts straight into fall with cropped jeans and a blazer.
  4. Taupe Sheer Embroidered Jacket, $40 (sale!).  Love this easy jacket for its sweet PJ styling.  This would look über chic when paired with the season’s bright bottoms (think bubblegum pink) or as a topper for an all black urban outfit.
  5. Urban Expressions Gold Carly Clutch, $42. I love clutches.  They are never large enough to carry everything I need on a daily basis, but I still collect them to no end.  This would be a great addition to any wardrobe for its soft colors and great texture.
  6. Red Currant Scented Candle, $25.  I am a sucker for buying candles at boutiques.  They are always ridiculously expensive but I can rationalize them all because they smell “soo good” or because the packaging is adorable.  Nonetheless, this candle is totally worth the $25.  Totally.
  7. Urban Expressions Brown Bridget Bag, $78.  A great supple brown bag, this is perfect for an everyday tote.  The detailing gives interest and texture and it is large enough to hold all those necessities the clutch doesn’t.
As if those 7 reasons weren’t enough to make you want to run down to your nearest fab’rik (sadly, Richmond only has one location now) fab’rik a franchise store that actually sells some stock online.  Typically the store and site only carries a few pieces of each style, so if you see something you like, grab it or else it will be gone!
All images courtesy of fab’rik
Pssst.  Stay tuned for next week’s Shop in Style.  I have a GREAT line up planned and can’t wait to share an event I attended this past weekend!

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