Behind the Scenes: The Inspirations

As promised, over the next week or so, you will get all the details behind my outfit, how it was chosen, style inspiration and never before seen videos (let’s just say the running one was not chosen for very specific reasons).  Today’s behind the scenes is The Inspirations.  No good outfit is ever completed without a good look book, mood board, or a gazillion tear sheets.  Here’s what a few of mine looked like:

I pulled out my stack of magazines and huge notebook where I keep loose pages that I’ve pulled from other magazines and catalogs, pretty much anything that makes me smile, think or fall in love with texture, color, or design.  I found several images that I liked, mostly being drawn to simple silhouettes, contrasting colors, and interesting details.  Next up was the behemoth of a fashion warehouse that is  Now,  I am the first to admit that I love runway shows.  But I am also the first to admit that they are an absolute pain to keep up with.  They are scheduled back to back to back for a period of weeks jumping from city to city that they are practically over before I’ve uttered my first, “That’s fab!”  But is the best at what they do and therefore have all said missed shows stockpiled just waiting for me to catch up.  I turned there next to pursue the Resort 2012 shows that had just gone down the runways a few weeks before.  Fashion forward thinkers know that if you want to be ahead of the trends, wear what’s coming out a year from now.  But in keeping with my moto of being wearable for all women, I also took a few looks at Fall 2011 just to be prepared.  Here’s what I loved:

The overwhelming trends from the Resort shows were neon colors, neutrals, tone on tone, and accent colors.  While I saw a fair number of dresses in the collection, I was equally drawn to the clean-cut lines of classic trousers, especially white cropped numbers to stay in tune with the summer season.  So there you have it, the fashion inspiration behind my outfit!  What do you think?  How do you go about putting together look books or finding your inspiration?  What magazine inspires you the most?  Do share!

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Images courtesy of and various magazines (Vogue, Marie Claire, Elle)


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