Shop in Style: Spanish Moss

This week’s shop in style is a great store with fantastic out of the ordinary pieces.  I was first turned on to it when I was laying out by the pool and trolling through StyledOn for new bloggers.  ShinebyThree wore a gorgeous gifted skirt with flare and I needed to check out the rest of the website.  I easily fell in love with every shoe and dress on the site.  And of course doesn’t every cool fashion girl own a turban??

The stunner of the entire site?  This Cherokee dress which reminds me of everything Balmain and rock and roll, and would look killer with the Royalle Boot.  Not a look for a shy one, but it would definitely turn heads.  You may have noticed the prices which are pretty steep for someone who loves $5, thrifted, and 2nd hand clothes.  However, I think that the pieces featured here and on the site would be investment pieces if you found one you loved and saved up for.  Every now and then you gotta splurge (think of it this way, all those thrifted pieces free up your wallet for the investment ones!).  While I may not be spending this much cash on any one item any time soon, it’s fun to look.  Besides, maybe you’ll run across something similar in your favorite thrift store!  Has this been an expensive or thrifyy shopping week for you?  What item is your stunner from Spanish Moss?  Do share!

Images courtesy of Spanish Moss


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