Project Style

You may remember a few months back when I announced I had applied for Project Style 2011 here and when I competed in Project Style 2010 here.  Well, Thursday evening I received an email letting me know I had been chosen as one of the contests for round 4 this year.  First thought: Seriously?  I applied at round 1!  Second thought: here I come.

The past several days were spending combing through loads of Resort 2012 runway shows, old magazines, look books, and anything else style related to come up with inspiration.  All said, I liked my look from year and still wear the pieces in constant rotation in my closet, but I wanted something a little more fashion forward, yet easily wearable for any woman with just a tweak here or there to reflect her own style.

All in all, the hunt for an outfit was surprisingly easier this year as I’ve spent probably 10 less hours in the mall, returning clothes, agonizing over looks, and boring my husband with rambles on what to wear and how to wear it.  It has also been more fun as I can see my fashion sense and tastes evolving.  I know without a doubt that last year I wouldn’t have chose what I did this year, but I am much more confident in both the fashion of the look this year as well as the appeal and ease in which I think any woman could take the look and make it her own.

Stay tuned as I post behind the scenes photos, inspiration files, and videos.  Voting begins July 15, keep those voting mouse clicks ready!




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