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Not only is Richmond home to gratified buildings, road bikes, and being one of the most tattooed cities in America, it houses a ton of local boutiques where you can find everything from great condition consignment finds of Dries van Noten to upscale Marc Jacobs and of course loads of vintage jewelry, amazing bags, and quirky accessories.  One of my all time favorite boutiques is Eurotrash in the heart of Carytown, the street to shop on in RVA.   I first fell in love with the gorgeous European brands a few years ago.  While the prices are high for someone trying to be budget friendly, you can land great sales and of course search the racks for replicating these great styles on a lower end (think H&M, Zara, Forever 21).  You may even get lucky and search eBay or Plato’s closet for some of the pieces at a discount.

Most of the styles are easily replicable, but if you want to invest in quality clothing that brings something different to your wardrobe then I would definitely suggest you head to Eurotrash.  And for those not lucky enough to live near a store, they have a limited supply of their pieces online at  These 6 items are easily my favorites that are available now online.  The zipper dress is both feminine and edgy while the silk print tunic dress could be worn out for drinks or dressed down for a casual day of running errands.  And can anyone seriously resist an oversized poncho or cargo pants?  I already own one pair of cargo-esque pants by Oxmo – a European brand purchased at Eurotrash a few years ago – that I pair with everything and they still look just as good as they did when I bought them.  Does anyone else have a favorite boutique you frequent or a new European brand  I should check out?

Images courtesy of Eurotrash

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