Sunday Chic: To Hell and Back

One more reason to love New York?  The Hell’s Kitchen Flea Market.  My husband maintains that he wasn’t impressed (he did fall hard for an antique coke bottle box which we drug all through Central Park, Brooklyn, and finally home).  But maybe that’s because he wasn’t drawn to the mounds of vintage and new clothes for UNDER $10.  That’s right.  I found 2 designer pieces for $5 EACH.  Seriously.  I can make up the extra we would pay in rent to live in NYC by solely shopping out of Hell’s Kitchen.

This great Alexander Wang for Uniqlo dress was just one of the amazing finds.  Between my sister and two foreign women, they confirmed it was a great fit and “very very cute.”  I of course tried it on over whatever else I was wearing that day and I instantly fell in love.  The only draw back was a slight stain on the front, but for $5 I figured I could risk the dry cleaning to see if it would come out (it did!).

I also found a gorgeous rosette blouse by Cynthia Steffe which I snapped up again or $5.  Ever since Lindsey from Saucy Glossie featured her clothes on her own blog (she covered her runway show and owns a great number of pieces) Cynthia Steffe has been on my radar for everything from runway shoes, resort collections, and clothes.  I have not been disappointed.  I snagged this cute snakeskin clutch for2 bucks and the Lucite bracelets from a street vendor for $20.    I am in LOVE with Lucite.  I love the vintage and modern appeal and of course the rainbow of colors makes them easy to pair with any outfit.

Outfit details: dress, Alexander Wang for Uniqlo; shoes, Urban Outfitters; Lucite bracelets, vintage from NYC; clutch, thrifted from NYC; sunglasses, Target (which broke yesterday…).


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