Conquering NYC with 1 Bag

Early Friday morning (to the tune of 4:30 am) my husband and I are off to New York City.  I’m under strict orders to travel with one carry on (eeeek) and one pair of shoes (no need to eeek because I’m clearly taking 3).  In honor of attempting to pack lightly and visiting one of my favorite cities here are a few fashion packing tips:

1. Shoes – clearly you must ignore the forewarnings that you will be walking everywhere and thus a sturdy pair of tennis shoes is in order.  This is just not the case.  Pack 3 pairs of shoes: a chic walking shoe, adorable flats, and a dressy pair of wedges.   This covers any and all activities you may do and keeps you looking smart.

2.  Pre-plan – yes, this excludes impulsive packers, but if you pre-plan your outfits you will pack more efficiently and have room left over for all of your souveniers.  Between today and Thursday my game plan is to lay out all outfits complete with shoes, accessories, and bags.  This way I will pack only what I absolutely need and there is no fumbling at the last minute over what to wear.  Helps make fashionable choices so much easier.

3. Bags can be bag – while I did say I would lay out “bags” in packing rule number 2, you can travel with 1 bag.   You do this easily by purchasing a large tote and secretly stowing a clutch inside.  Viola!

4. Ban the Book bag – see rule number 3 and just buy a large tote.  This doubles perfectly for the carry all carry on, is so much chicer, and can be made even chicer and outfit specific by simply tying a unique or vintage scarf to the handles.

5.  Don’t abandon your fashion sense – yes, I said it.  If you have that cool poncho looking shirt hanging in your closet, then pack it!  If you’ve fallen in love with the latest trend of wide legged print trousers, bring them.  Just be sure to follow rules 1-4 to ensure your packing process goes smoothly, but have fun.  After all, you’re traveling to have fun, so dress like it.

These are my 5 easy rules to packing for the fashionista.  What are some of your packing rules you abide by?

Images courtesy of bag with scarf, Brogues, Shoe Blog (a new personal fave),  and others via Google.


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