Sunday Chic: Lioness

I’ve come to the conclusion that I like lions.  Not stuffed lions or The Lion King on Broadway, but huge sculptures, lions in engraved in stone, or jewelry with a bite (pun intended).  Take these two photo shoots shot in the exact same location, but taken years and skill level apart:

2008 – Richmond ,VA

2011 – Richmond, VA

Note the same use of a lion statue in both.  What can I say, a girl loves her animal.  When I first saw this necklace in a small local shop I was immediately drawn to the details, the cut out eyes, and of course how huge the whole thing was.  It sat in its glass case for months; every time I went in I would stare at it.  Finally I broke down, emailed a picture to my husband just knowing he would say he thought it was hideous (to my surprise it got a “it’s actually kinda cool” rating) and came home with me that day.

I mean seriously – how cool is this??  There were at least two other necklaces in that glass case that were begging me to take them home (a bejeweled boar and a bird).  Maybe soon I can add them to the animal collection.

My husband has increasingly become more insistent in his role as photographer.  Whereas I am more likely to just jump out of the car and find an random alley or plain brick wall, he looks for interesting details and colors that compliment my outfit But hey, if he’s taking my pictures I can’t complain right.  And I certainly don’t, although I do need to wean him away from these up angles.

Outfit details: t-shirt, Gap; vest, Guess thifted; jeans, Banana Republic; heels, Nine West; necklace, local shop; purse, Balenciaga; rings, vintage.


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