Closet Envy

I have extreme closet envy for all those with huge walk-ins, glass covered tables where jewels and other pretty things are laid out on display.  Here are just a few of my current favorites: 

 Teen Vogue fashion market editor Mary Kate Steinmiller and Harper’s Bazaar senior fashion market editor Joanna Hillman‘s closets

The infamous Carrie Bradshaw

Style maven Rachel Zoe

Eternal cool girl Erin Wasson

Can I just combine all of these closets and have a whole floor dedicated to getting dressed?  Probably never, so I’m currently working with what I have closet wise which is a  moderate size walk-in. My poor husband’s clothes have been relegated to the short side of the closet and 2 shelves while I retain the 5 shelves, all floor space, and the long side of the closet.  I managed to oragnize my scarves and belts buy purchasing two woven crates and the chic factor of the closet soared.  I’ve already purchased a new shoe rack, but I need about a zillion more wooden hangers, a few dark wood crates to store tank tops, and of course more baskets and hangers for purses.  What does your ideal closet look like?

Images courtesy of The Cut, Fashionologie, and google


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