Baseball Chic

The ever daunting question for a girl who loves all things fashion (5″ heels, swirly skirts, linen, silk, and oddly draped fabrics) is WHAT to wear to a baseball game??  You really can’t wear any sort of heel, it’s hot, and you’re likely to be easily bored.  The solution?  Casual solids and prints with statement jewelry and an iPhone.

 You think I’m kidding, but I changed no less than 5 times prior to this baseball outing.  I value being comfortable, but I’m just not a jeans and t-shirt type of girl.  I pulled these thrifted crisp white shorts and paired with them a striped red and white silky t and blue flats.  Very  Americana past time no?  Coupled with contrasting necklaces (green and maroon beads), light denim jacket and a canvas bag, I was ready for the game but also felt put together.

My favorite way to feel chic in any event is to pair shorts with a fitted top and a striking pair shoes.  What’s your go to outfit for a sporting event?

Outfit details: shorts, thifted; top, thrifted; denim jacket, H&M; flats, Urban Outfitters; bag, gifted; sunglasses, Prada; vintage necklaces, my mothers.


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