Block It

I love experimenting with clothes, but mostly I stick to textures, fabrics, and shapes, leaving out striking colors.  I am very much drawn to dark and neutral colors (think navy, blush, nude, deep greens).  Nonetheless, the SJP in me is always drawn to a good set of color blocking.  Everyone is Ugly and Chictopia paired up for a fun post on colorblocking featuring their own members which popped up in my in-box this morning and I couldn’t wait to share as this trend is definitely in the now for spring.

I put together what I will consider my first color blocking outfit last Monday for work – black cropped pants, a pale coral top  (similar to the on the B. Jones style – first and largest image on top) and a sharp red cardigan.  I have to say I felt so confident in my brights because I was comfy (#1 rule for work outfits), but definitely fabulous and on trend.  EisU completed their post with a colorblocking style profile.  Here is mine for the pink/red combo:

PINK + RED = Daring and sweet. The dichotomy of innocence and fearlessness is one that has interested fashion lovers for ages and this color combination definitely plays on that idea. The colors are infamous for “not matching” but for fashion forward risk takers, it’s all the rage.

I am really loving things that don’t match but look great together.  Nice to know I’m a “fashion forward risk taker”!

What are you go-to colors for putting together a great color blocking outfit?  Do share, I’d love to know what your colors say about you!  As always, feel free to share your own outfits at


Images courtesy of Chictopia


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