I Saw the Sign

It was only pure luck (and a sign that I NEED another quality handbag now) that I opened up my Marie Claire and read the “In the Bag” feature by Beth Ditto.  Ok, never heard of her, but seriously, for a girl that carries a screwdriver, rosessetta stone cds, and visine in her Mulberry bag, she’s a pretty hilarious person.  Her quote was a necessity especially after my work wear post on handbags. 

I think leopard print is like denim-it goes with everything.  For a long time, I carried a cheap bag, but one day my hairdresser dumped it onto the floor and said, ‘Where are all your nice bags?’ I was like, ‘They’re my good stuff; I can’t carry them.’  And she yelled, ‘They’re collecting dust!’ It changed my life.  Sometimes I see people with that cheap bag, and I debate running up, throwing it on the groupd, and saying, ‘You’re welcome!’

Beware of those cheap bags around me.  And maybe the Balenciaga will come out a little more frequently.  Happy weekend!



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