Work Wear

Confession: I have a closet full of clothes.  And I don’t just mean a closest full of practical work attire with some casual things thrown in.  No, by a closest full of clothes I mean the most impractical shoes, handbags, and items you can imagine.  Think of blue sequined jackets, white pants, 4 inch heels, ponchos, leather skirts and and graphic minis.  Hardly the things the working world is  made of.  So as of late, I’ve been deep cleaning my closet: getting rid of shoes that don’t fit, throwing out shirts that are just ugly, and selling what I can.  I have an ideal picture of what I want my working wardrobe to look like, but I can’t bear to part with my impractical items either.  I’ve decided that the first way to revamp and rebuild my wardrobe is to start with handbags.  The old H&M bag with the dirty bottom and threadbare handles has GOT to go.  Here are my choices for work and fashion approved bags.  Which are your favorites?

1. Nicole Miller – Liam – $212

2. Zara – Plaited Shopper – $149

3. Forever 21 – Sierra Leatherette Bag – $24.80

4. Chloe – Eden – $664


2 thoughts on “Work Wear

  1. girl, pass down those unsold, unwanted clothes, 7 1/2 more weeks and I’ll be back to normal size. Well, with the help of some cardio of course.

    This is the perfect time to “spring clean” closets though.

    My fav. is # 1 for its style and look,
    But far as price… of couse # 3 would be the pick.

  2. lol, trust me, they aren’t all that fashion worthy. At least Plato’s will buy them! My favorite is the Zara purse. I’m hoping I can work it into the budget somehow!

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