Introspective Retrospect


I got my daily Gilt email this morning and guess who was having a sale?  None other than the new designer I discovered in the blog today.  If you’re a member of Gilt you can purchase your own piece of Yohji Yamamoto!  Sale ends 4/8 at midnight, so happy shopping!

I love these shots from before unknown designer (at least to me) from Yohji Yamamoto.  His first collection debuted over 30 years ago and is still designing and show today mainly in Paris.  The shots here are from a recent book highlighting his designs – featuring 80 of his best.  Of course I am drawn to the more photographic “pretty” pictures, but the clothes still manage to make their own impact.

Having found a new designer I felt obliged to check out and had a glance through his Fall 2011 show.  The looks leaned heavily toward the punk and goth sensibilities with rips, holes, spiked hair, the few looks I liked, I really loved.*

What do you think?  Even if you don’t love his style, it’s always fun to come across new designers, especially ones that have been creating for a quarter of a century!

*Inside joke between my husband and I.  Apparently it’s redundant to state that when someone does something well, they do it really really well.  I think it just proves the point!

Images courtesy of The Cut and


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