Sunday Chic: Mixed to Match

Only photo today, but when I say it was cold, I mean it was snowing, blowing, and raining COLD.  It was all I could do to strike a quick pose and run back to the car.  I love all of the mixing of patterns that I’ve been seeing lately, but have never thought I would be bold enough to try it.  I was inspired by a post on Atlantic Pacific of Bree who paired dots and stripes to a T.  Here I’ve got florals and stripes, but the same concept — mixing patterns to make a match.  The skirt was perfect for the day: long, flowing, velvet border.  It’s really too big for me, but hiked up to the “natural” waist and cinched tight with a belt, it becomes the perfect knee length skirt and gains quite a lot of volume.  I originally had bare legs and different shoes in mind, but the snow quickly nixed those ideas.  As is, I loved the  mixing of patterns and felt so fun and free spirited.  Have you done any mixing to match lately?  If so, what mixes have you paired?

Outfit details: striped top, H&M; skirt, Dress Barn thrifted; tights, Target; heels, Jessica Simpson; scarf, thrifted; clutch, Banana Republic thrifted.

Photo: courtesy of my freezing husband.  He attempted two pictures for my sake but the second turned out poorly so it was a no go.  And just too cold to try for a third.

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