Personal Style – Again!

Monday  morning I got an email from Shoptopia announcing the next edition of Project Style – 2011.  Aside from sending emails almost every day, Shoptopia is an online fashion website (similar to facebook) for local malls.  They sponsor contests and other fun things.  Some of you may remember when I was chosen as a semi-finalist last year.  I documented my video, posted a behind the scenes, and had a ton of fun with the contest.  It was the first real stylist opportunity I had gotten and it was great!

Unfortunately I don’t have nearly as many friends as my high school competitor (or maybe I just need to get back on Facebook, hmmm), so I lost out in the end.  But needless to say, I jumped at the chance to apply again!  Luckily I was able to get in on round 1, so I have 3 other chances.  If nothing else, it gives me an opportunity to really showcase my personal style which has evolved tremendously since last year’s Project Style.  It has definitely gotten more creative, fun, and fashion forward. I’ll post all the details here, so wish  me luck!




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